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Future Bernedoodle and Mini Doodles as well


Our Goldendoodle gave birth on Monday 09/21/2020. No Spots available. Please inquire for future litters.

KinzieDoodles is full and not taking deposits on our Australian Labradoodle puppies until ultrasound.

Our Chocolate Australian Labradoodle, should be going into heat, likely in August. The Australian Labradoodle puppies will be bred with our Dam, a standard Chocolate Australian Labradoodle and a Sire AKC Standard Silver Poodle.. Colors will range from Silver Beige to Cafe Au Lait. They will be stunning, a rare color, with an amazing temperament,  Out of all of our Doodles, our Australian Labradoodle is the gentlest. We expect very hypoallergenic puppies that are great family pets perfect for families with children and other animals.


Our Irish Doodle has not gone into heat. She has very long gaps between heat cycles. When she goes into heat, more information will be posted here.

We require proof of spay/neuter by 7 months of age. We do not sell breeding dogs.


Our doodles are all standard in size and can range between 40 to 70 lbs. Our Labradoodle is Chocolate. The Irish Doodle and Goldendoodle are red in color. All puppies will have wavy to curly coats that are considered hypoallergenic. See purchasing policies page for more information on hypoallergenic puppies and adult dogs.

​KinzieDoodles recently added a white Toy Poodle male puppy and Multicolor female Bernedoodle puppy. Stay tuned for litters of minis and Bernedoodles in the future.


We are located in Southern California, 20 minute's from Disneyland. Call to inquire at 714-388-6493

​Below is only a small gallery of our last litter. Be sure to visit Instagram to see much, much more.

Below are Goldendoodle Puppies and Irish Doodle Puppies born last September

Meet our newest family member, our female Bernadoodle puppy

Meet our other newest family member, a male AKC Poodle puppy with Champion Parents

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