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Irish Doodle

 The Irishdoodle is a friendly, adorable, and full of energy doodle breed. They are the perfect choice for people who are looking for a companion the is loyal, determined, intelligent, and energetic. Once you have your Irish doodle puppy home, you will be left wondering how you lived without this fuzzy bundle of joy.


An Irishdoodle is a medium-sized designer dog whose parents are a Standard Poodle and an Irish Setter. The hybrid puppies inherit the friendly and light-hearted nature of the Irish setter and the Poodle's low to non-shedding coat. Since both the parent breeds are active in retrieving and hunting, the hybrids usually steal the show in different competitions such as dance, tracking, and obedience training. 


Irishdoodles are not as popular as the well-known Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, but they are starting to get more attention round the United States. We believe they are very underestimated, but they are one of the most amazing doodle breeds. Irish setters have proven to carry themselves with more grace and elegance than a Golden Retriever. Irishdoodles are amazing family dogs and can make fantastic service dog prospects. They have beautiful red coats and range from wavy to curly. They are very easily trained and love to please. They are the perfect mix of easy-going and energetic. If you’re looking for a doodle puppy, an Irishdoodle may be perfect for you! Their parents’ skills also make these hybrids super-intelligent, playful, and sensitive. The Irish doodles make the perfect new addition to your family as they work great with children and other family pets. 


 Irishdoodles will have more energy as both parent breeds come from working dog lines. This does not mean that they are hyper dogs, however. They love to be outside, swimming, hiking, camping, running. Irishdoodles are perfect for a family with a more active lifestyle where their dog can be a part of most family adventures. Inside the house, irishdoodles know when it is time to settle down and cuddle up next to their family members.


 Their intelligence makes them amazing service dog prospects. They train very easily and are very proud when they know they are helping out their human.  These dogs are very smart and you can see it in their eyes when they are learning and thinking. Brain activity in the Irishdoodle breed is one of the best exercises you could give them.


 Irishdoodles do require regular grooming. They can easily get matted if not brushed properly every day. Their long gorgeous coats are worth the effort to keep them looking and feeling fresh on a daily basis. They are considered to have high maintenance coats and their hair tends to be more human like than fur like.


 If you are thinking about bringing an Irishdoodle home to your family, make sure to consider their very outgoing personality. They are one of the best doodle breeds and will make an amazing family member.

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