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Kinzie Doodles is the top Goldendoodle Breeder, Bernedoodle Breeder, Labradoodle Breeder, Irish Doodle Breeder, Sheepadoodle Breeder, Aussiedoodle Breeder in California.

Kinzie Doodles breeds the top Goldendoodle Puppies, Bernedoodle Puppies, Labradoodle Puppies, Irish Doodle Puppies, Sheepadoodle Puppies, Aussiedoodle Puppies in California.

KinzieDoodles will also soon have Mini Goldendoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, Mini Labradoodles, Mini Irish Doodles, Mini Sheepadoodles, Mini Aussiedoodles in Southern California.




Firstly, KinzieDoodles thanks you for stopping by. 

Kinzie Doodles is the number one breeder of Goldendoodle, Labradoodle and Irish Doodle puppies in Southern California. In addition, we will have Bernedoodles, Sheepadoodles, Aussiedoodles and mini's of all the aforementioned breeds.

Our family's first experience in dog breeding was over 30 years while showing AKC Great Danes in the ring. We are lucky to share our life and home with our wonderful family pets. Our dogs are family members raised in the house right alongside us. The puppies get early socialization with our other family pets, including cats, and also young children. We understand that finding the perfect dog to fit your family needs and lifestyle is very important, and therefore would love to answer any questions you may have.

We have found the Doodle breed to be nothing other than affectionate, gentle and highly intelligent animals. They have wonderful temperaments, incredibly quick to train and wonderful dogs for any age. They are beautiful dogs, who show so much love for people! They make you laugh with their happy characters and want to be with you, side by side, every second of the day. They make wonderful companions for both active and sedentary lifestyles. 


We are passionate about raising happy, healthy, social, well balanced, family dogs. All of our adult dogs go through extensive health testing prior to breeding. (See our puppy health guarantee section for more information) The puppies are sent home with our puppy contract, vaccine records, and lifetime of support.

Please have a look around and do get in contact if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

KinzieDoodles has the highest quality, one of a kind, whelping box built by a custom furniture builder out of the highest quality materials for stability, longevity, and ease of cleaning/sanitizing. There is an attached heating lamp designed specifically for newborn puppies. It is 8' x 6' (8 feet by 6 feet) and gives the Dam/Mom plenty of room to stay comfortable. Once the puppies start growing, it gives them plenty of room for play and interaction. It is also very clean and sanitary. I use 90lb /dozen moving blankets that are washed 3 times per day. These heavyweight moving blankets absorb potty and are also easy to pick up the mess easily. Underneath these blankets are 6 mil plastic and underneath that are 2 huge 6'x4' 1/2" rubber cattle mats. I am not a wood-chip or swimming pool whelping box kind of breeder. Working efficiently, in a comfortable sanitary environment is essential for the puppies health and socialization. When you see my setup, you will be amazed. You would be surprised how many times the wives walk in and are in awe of the puppies, meanwhile the husband is in awe of my whelping box. I take this very seriously.

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