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Deposit and Waitlist Placement


Prior to placing a deposit, you must read and agree to our contract and policies. 


A deposit to reserve a puppy is a non-refundable $500. Please contact us at (714)388-6493 or at for full puppy pricing information.

Once we open the reservation list, the date we receive your deposit will determine your place on our reservation list. For instance, first deposit gets first pick, second deposit received gets second pick, regardless of male or female preference. Prior to the puppies being born, we will put your name on the list for either a male or female or make a note that you do not have a preference. However, after the puppies are born and we know how many of each gender we have, we would prefer that you choose either a male or female so that those who made deposits after yours will know exactly how many males or females will be available to choose from. If you select a gender preference prior to the puppies being born and not enough of that gender are born into the litter, then you can either have your deposit refunded or roll it over to a future litter.  If you choose to roll it over to a current litter, then you will be placed after the families currently on the list.

Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Irish Doodles are all considered designer breeds. They can have straight, wavy, or curly hair. Doodles are considered non-shedding "hypoallergenic" dogs (which means less allergic, not free of allergens). However, no canine is known to be completely nonallergenic. Most people who have allergies to dogs are actually allergic to the dander or saliva of the dogs, and not the fur itself. Bathing them often can help with keeping the dander out of their fur. 

Final Payment Policy

Final payment is required when you come to pick up your puppy, which is 8 weeks from the birth date. Final payment is due in cash only.


Spay / Neuter Contract

Your puppy is being sold under a spay/neuter contract and is being sold as a pet companion dog only.  You have 7 months from the date of birth to have your puppy spayed/neutered.  We request a copy of the receipt/certificate from your veterinarian as confirmation of the spay/neuter. See full contract for more detail.


Guarantee Policy

Your puppy is guaranteed for 2 years against any genetic diseases.  You must take your puppy to the veterinarian within, 3 days of taking your puppy home (if over 10 weeks of age) or by 10 weeks of age (while getting 3rd round f vaccines) or the health guarantee will be voided.  If your veterinarian finds anything wrong with the puppy that is considered a pre-existing condition, please let us know. We will review the results with our veterinarian, and will replace your puppy if one is available from the current litter.


If any unforeseen circumstances arise in the future and you can not care for your dog anymore, you will be required to give the dog back to us, and we will happily find a forever home.  However, no exchanges or refunds will be offered.

We specialize in helping families select the perfect companion for their individual lifestyle as well as helping individuals find and select service and therapy dog prospects. It is our purpose with every litter that we will have excellent prospective service and therapy type dogs.

Health guarantee requires that you use Life's Abundance All Life Stages dog food. You must use this link to order the food so that we can receive reports and verify food is being used, In Addition, health guarantee requires that you use NuVet Immune support supplement/treat using this link to order so that we can receive reports and verify supplement is being used. Failure to use required food and supplement for 2 years deems health guarantee null and void. I highly recommend these two products and suggest you keep your dog on the products for the life of your loving family member. I believe wholeheartedly in these two products and use them with all of my dogs and puppies.

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